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I love personalizing your boudoir photoshoot! Not only is it important for me that we capture your personality during your session. But it makes your experience unique and exclusively yours. Which is why I loved this 420 photoshoot with Miss P! She has an infectious smile and her personality definitely shines through in these photos. […]


Miss P’s 420 Photoshoot Feature with LeZandra Photography

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Last week, I announced our Erotica Boudoir Photography Special. I am so excited to announce that we are also having a Solo and Couples Boudoir Photography Special as well! I have been invited to be a Guest Educator teaching photographers internationally about how we provide such a transformative and empowering boudoir experience! During my workshop, […]

Boudoir, Couples Boudoir

Norfolk Solo and Couples Boudoir Photography Special

A beautiful black woman wearing a black body suit kneels on a white fur rug in front of a handsome black man during an erotica boudoir photography session. Both are in front of a large four poster bed.

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Erotica Boudoir Photography Special with LeZandra Photography I am so fucking excited to announce that LeZandra Photography is having an Erotica Boudoir Photography Special! We are looking for couples and individuals to model for an Educational Erotica Guide for Photographers that I am creating. Later this year, I will be teaching at an educational workshop […]

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Norfolk Erotica Boudoir Photography Special

I’ve been working on an Erotica Photography Guide for Boudoir Photographers who have been wanting to explore sexuality and intimacy beyond the confines of traditional boudoir photography.⁠ I have been shooting Erotica Boudoir for some time now, and I strongly feel that an Erotica Guide for Boudoir Photographers is very much needed for our community! Not […]

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Have I mentioned that I absolutely fucking love what I do?! I am beyond thrilled that Miss S trusted me not only once but twice with her boudoir photo session! Miss S first came to me in 2015 and came back for her second session in 2021! Seeing Miss S’s self love through boudoir photography […]

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions in 2022, we are making self care and self connection a priority. We aren’t adding to our already long lists of things to do. However, we are going to be more mindful of our thoughts and actions. When we are more intentional with our thoughts and actions, we move […]

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How do you select the best sex toy? That is probably the most asked question that I receive when talking about sex toys. With so many options and varieties available, selecting the perfect toy can be a daunting task. Which is why I thought that a blog series about adult toys would be a great […]

Miss L: Reconnecting With Her Sensuality In Our Norfolk Boudoir Studio This post is LOOONG overdue, as Miss L had her session in January of 2021. I am SO happy to feature this babe. When these images were taken, I had no idea just how much of an impact she would have on my life! […]

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In recent years, sex positivity has been a headlining topic in many articles, social media posts, podcasts, etc. I cannot stress enough how fucking happy it makes me to see the conversation around sex positivity becoming a mainstream talking point! For so many years, sex has been such a taboo subject and many people have […]

Explore Your Sensuality

Many times I find myself completely amazed by my clients. I am so fucking thankful and honored to have met some of the most bad ass women! They inspire me in so many ways and are shining examples of why boudoir photography is self love! Miss M is definitely one of those bad asses and […]

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This year, we are focusing on self care and self connection. Instead of adding New Years resolutions, we are getting rid of things that do not align with our goals or do not bring about a positive impact in our lives. Comparison is the thief of joy. This year, we will stop comparing ourselves to […]

Boudoir Photos with LeZandra Photography Norfolk Photographer

Self criticism is something that we are all guilty of at one time or another. However, being overly critical of yourself is going to wear you down overtime. In 2022, we are getting rid of self criticism! We are learning to become our loudest cheerleaders and we are showering ourselves with positive vibes. I like […]

Mindfulness Techniques to Combat Self Criticism with LeZandra Photography

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If you are anything like me, you often find yourself struggling to find a happy medium in your life. It almost seems as though as soon as you start to focus your attention on one area in your life you notice that you start to slack in other areas. So you switch it up, only […]

Creating a Balanced Life

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