Hey badass. Let's take your business to the next level.


Tired of feeling like you don't have know where to start? Want to have a guide who has been there and done that?


But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your business to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works and what doesn't.

I've spent the last 12 years growing and scaling my boudoir business to fit MY needs.

I firmly believe that a business should work FOR you and not create a job that prevents you from living a life of passion.

My business has grown with me through SO many stages of life, and each has required a different level of focus and attention.

Whether you need a few hours of my time to bounce ideas, you need step by step guidance on how to run a successful business, or you need someone to walk you through the intricacies of solid posing that works for everyone, you've come to the right place.

let me help

1 hour mastermind

Get advice on how to navigate your roadblocks

1 on 1

Join me in the studio as we go through your business inside out

Erotica guide

A 101 Guide to introducing Erotica to your boudoir studio

zoom mentoring >

hands on training >

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Camp Maui

I am SO excited to head to maui to teach boudoir photographers from across the world on how i guide my couples for life changing expereinces!

Couples Sessions With Impact: Creating an experience that extends beyond the boudoir 

This class will teach students how to harness their clients unique relationship strengths to curate an experience that impacts their lives far beyond their session.

Learn how to create intimate moments of connection for your clients through a guided session.

I’ll share my favorite tried and true techniques to create authentic spicy imagery and teach even the most reserved clients how to come out of their shell.

We will walk through how to sell a couples session, from the initial consultation, to session flow and styling, client coaching, posing, and aftercare.

A 3 hour class which includes an hour and a half of theory and Q&A, a 30 minute demo and an hour of guided shoot time. 

let's be real.

no one wants to struggle

Maybe you haven't started dabbling in boudoir. Or maybe you've already started, but you feel lost. Maybe you've been shooting boudoir for a hot minute, but you feel stagnant. Or maybe you've been doing this too long to not be making a solid profit from it.

Maybe it's time for you to talk to someone about those struggles and get guidance from a long-time industry veteran, consistently making waves in the industry who's staying booked and profitable.

So what if you didn't have to? What if you had a right hand ma'am to bounce ideas off of and strategize with?



Replace your 9-5 income and make more in a month than ever before.


Book your calendar out with clients who resonate with YOU.


Create a community of loyal people who engage with your content regularly.


Build a business with intention that aligns with YOU and your passion.

this is for you.


"A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future and 

believe it can be obtained."

- Shawn hitchcock



Meeting of Some Kind

Whether it's a call or Zoom, we will dive into what keeps you up at night to see how I can help.


Brand Strategy Call

We will target your areas of struggle and come up with a gameplan that works for YOU and your needs.


Ongoing Butt-Kicking

Don't just talk about it. Be about it. If you crave somebody that we keep you accountable, I'm your girl.

We're Here To Do Shit That Makes an Impact


Boudoir is deeply intimate. It weaves together your story with your clients and can be a great catalyst for growth.
In order to empower others, you must be empowered.
I'm all about building a business with passion and in alignment.


You're Someone Who Needs Help

You feel like you're constantly trying one thing after another, hoping something will stick. You LOVE somebody that will hold you accountable, give you a loving ass kicking, and support you as you build your baby.

You'll learn posing, interaction with clients and more with this guidance intensive portion of your experience. You'll watch LeZandra shoot and LeZandra will critique your shooting to elevate your artwork.

Two Day Private Workshop


Experience a beginning to end session day with LeZandra Photography.

You'll learn how LeZandra edits, learn techniques and be able to ask questions as watch the full process, from culling to delivery.

You'll get to watch an Unveiling and see how in-person sales is utilized to maximize the client experience and your profit, without uncomfortable and pushy sales tactics.

guided model session

editing intensive

live in-person sales experience

See the inner workings of LeZandra Photography, from pre-session communications to maintaining organization.

workflows & processes


One Day Intensive

Your choice of topics for in-depth instruction.

workflows & processes

Pricing for profit

business expansion


in-person sales

utilizing social media for boudoir


client wardrobe
(creation and maintenance)


Hourly Rate

Need a push? Or just wanting to ask some quick questions? Book at the hourly rate via teleconference (1 hour increments only - meaning you can book multiple hours, but they must be fulfilled one hour per appointment)

Please Note: All questions are welcome during hourly rate bookings, however, this time goes a lot faster than you'd think. It's recommended that you have your questions written down and ready to ask before joining your call. All calls will end promptly at the hour mark unless otherwise discussed.


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I can't wait to help you level up!
Send over your info and we'll connect on
the best way to move forward. 



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