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Hey Beautiful!

I'm LeZandra and I am here to help you unleash your inner badass. 

I believe in living life boldly. I believe in being fearless and unapologetic. I believe in never settling for less than what you deserve.

I believe in these things because for so long, I lived a life that was unfulfilling. I hadn't realized my strength and I was fearful of standing out. I had lost my spark and I desperately needed it back. 

I absolutely LOVE what I do because I see the power in the transformation. I witness confidence in action. 

I'm here to be your biggest supporter and to help you step into your power. 

hampton roads virginia boudoir

I used to live in fear. I let those fears consume me and stop me from living my life to the fullest. I regret that, but I have made myself a promise, and that was if I feared something, then I should do it!! So, when I decided to do a boudoir shoot with LeZandra, it was the scariest but best decision I’ve ever made! I had been wanting to shoot with her for so long but like most women I told myself I would wait until my body looked better, or until my life was more put together. I made excuses, and each time I thought I was ready I would chicken out. To be honest, I was so afraid. I’m a pretty confident woman, but the thought of stripping down and showing everyone my flaws terrified me. But I finally allowed myself to do it and let me tell you it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Miss M

"So I don't know how you view yourself when you think about what you do. But it's my hope you can appreciate the impact you have in changing they way we, as women, think about ourselves. You've given me a gift. It's an important one. A physical reminder that I can look at when I need to remind myself that sometimes strength shines the brightest in vulnerability. I got to be a pretty girl for a day and I get to keep the memory of that forever because of you. I'm so very grateful. Thank you. "

miss m

I booked LeZandra to do a shoot because I'd been working really hard on getting in better shape to feel better physically and mentally & thought that deserved to be documented and celebrated. She was very open and positive with all of my ideas and thoughts about the shoot and SO MUCH FUN to work with. I've worked with several photographers and believe me it makes all the difference if they are confident, relaxed and can give direction without being bossy or frustrated. I had the best time with her and her beauty team and felt totally relaxed & confident with them. Sure this is a great present for a partner but I'd argue that it's the best present to give yourself. The experience of it is worth every penny!

miss l

I felt no nervousness, no anxiety. I was so so excited. This was my fourth time working with LeZandra. This session was completely different than a normal Boudoir shoot. I honestly felt like I fell even more in love with my husband if that’s even possible. This boudoir session was magical. I felt sexy especially having my hair and makeup done. There’s such a strong bond between my husband and I and having these photos done only made it stronger. LeZandra is nothing short of amazing when it comes to making you feel comfortable and especially capturing the perfect images. If you have ever been on the fence of doing one my words to you would be do it! Have fun while falling in love all over with your partner.”






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Boudoir sessions are an experience meant to awaken your sensuality and put you in touch with feelings that you never knew you had, or feelings that have diminished through the daily trials of life. I want you to feel empowered through owning your body and sexuality in a space that is free from judgement and full of support and encouragement. 

I believe in strong and empowered women.
I believe in love.
I believe that a fiery and all-consuming passion lies in all of us, We just need permission to bring it out.
I believe that life happens outside of our comfort zones..
I believe that everybody deserves to feel sexy and confident.


When I say that a boudoir session with me is an experience, I truly mean it.

We are one of Virginia's most sought after Boudoir Photography studios for a reason!

Boudoir is an intimate form of portraiture, that is truly fine art. Knowing that each woman is uniquely different allows me to give you creative images, that are unlike any other woman's. We will spend time planning your session, down to the smallest details.

Your session will never be rushed, as art takes time. I only have one client a day, which allows me freedom to spend the time needed to help you get the most out of your session.

When you contact me for your session we will spend a bit of time talking via email, phone, skype, or in person. We will begin planning out all of the details of your session and I can answer any questions you may have.

On the big day I invite you to come to my studio to be pampered and made to feel like the beautiful person you are. I have carefully selected the people I work with and you will be happy to know that I work with an all female staff.

Don't think our relationship is over after your products have been delivered! I have events planned throughout the year that I invite all of my past clients to take part in. This year I am planning spa days, pole dancing classes, and more.

The journey towards confidence, self acceptance, and finding your sexy can be a long one and you've come to the end of it. My goal is to make sure that you realize just how amazing you are.

I promise to guide you through the process to not only make it a comfortable session but one that you will absolutely love.

And we are going to have a TON of fun!

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