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Boudoir Portraiture for the Bold and Badass

Virginia-based Boudoir and Erotica Portraiture for those looking to OWN their sexuality, embrace their authentic selves, and step into their power.

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hi, I'm LeZandra!


I've spent the last 13 years working with individuals and couples to to create a boudoir experience that connects them with their inner selves, and not just the version that society tells them they should be.

Our sexuality is more than what we do in the bedroom. 

It's how we feel about our body. It's the cultural or religious morals and values we were raised with that have shaped the people we are, or who we believe we should be. It's how we experience the greatest physical pleasures life has to offer, and the accompanying traumas and/or triumphs that are intertwined with it.

There is power in claiming one's sexuality for yourself and being able to express it on your terms. 

I found boudoir when studying to be a Sex Therapist and I witness the transformative impact of a session on one's life in the studio on a daily basis.

Connecting people with their sexual power in a shame free, supportive space is my my life's mission.

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Located in Hampton Roads Virginia in
Downtown Norfolk, LeZandra
Photography is an all female boudoir
photography studio dedicated to
empowering women to OWN their
sexuality, embrace their authentic self, and
step into their power. 

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Our Boudoir, Couples Boudoir, and Erotica Boudoir Sessions are an experience like no other


Learn how to create a sustainable boudoir business built on passion and driven by intention. 


Build your sexual toolkit through classes and events designed to educate and better connect you to your sexuality.

I haven't felt this level of freedom in a long time. I will never be able to thank her enough for this."

"LeZandra showed me the parts I hate are parts I have no reason to hate.

- manda

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Our 4,500sqft Norfolk Boudoir Studio is  a sensual sanctuary where you can escape and reconnect with yourself.

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We believe that every body deserves lingerie and intimate toys that inspire them to express their sexuality with confidence.

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sex & Intimacy coaching

Working with a sex coach can seem intimidating, but I've worked hard to create a sex and body positive space meant for freeing yourself from bounds that sometimes you don't even know exist.


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I've spent the last 13 years building the boudoir studio of my dreams. No question is off limits.

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Our studio aims to empower everybody
to live their most empowered and
authentic sensual lives. 

Build your sensual toolkit!

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 TOP FIVE THINGS TO CONSIDER in a boudoir photographer

If you are anything like me, you have searched the internet for hours to ensure you find the perfect photographer. Let me help you out a bit! Here are my top five things to consider when choosing a boudoir photographer.

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Boudoir as a form of therapy

Within the walls of my studio, you are allowed to be whoever the hell you want to be. This is freeing! You answer to nobody. You have no need to explain yourself.

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A couples

"It’s easier for me to look at myself as a sexual human being. It’s really easy during sex to get in your head, especially as a woman. Looking at the images from our couples, shoot reminds me that we are hot as fuck, and the only thing I need to do is just enjoy myself while tending to both my needs, and my partners needs."

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How to slay your Boudoir Experience

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Our Booking Guide walks you through each and every step of the process from start to finish. Know EXACTLY what to expect on the day of your session so you arrive stress free and ready to blow your own damn mind!

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The hardest step is the first one outside of your comfort zone

I firmly believe that we gain confidence by doing the things we think we cannot do. By being bold. By choosing to chase what challenges us. By making time to honor ourselves. 

I cannot wait to help connect you with your most confident and empowered version of YOU!



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This badass community of womxn exists to inspire self love, promote sensuality, and celebrate sexuality 🖤 Come as you are. Leave your judgements at the door.

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