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A Community for Womxn

As an eternal Black Sheep, I believe in the power of finding your people.

I struggled to find my place, so I made my own. 

I welcome you in!

Lets talk about sex


Shibari Classes


sexy selfies 101


Want to gather with like-minded womxn in a supportive space?

I am SO proud of the judgment-free, drama-free, loving and supportive space our studio and Facebook Group has become for so many. 

Come As You Are.

you're in the right place.

Bring a friend and join us!

Let's Talk About Sex.

Monthly meetups centered around a different topic each month. Bring a friend or come and make new ones! Think of this as your ultimate girls night!

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Shibari Classes

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Shibari is an ancient Japanese form of rope bondage. This artistic form of bondage is often used in BDSM play. A shibari scene includes a rigger/top and a bottom. Because shibari involves restraint and power dynamics; consent, trust, and boundaries are key to enjoying this erotic rope bondage. Shibari is an amazing way to build intimacy and trust with your partner.

Our Shibari Workshops are a great date night activity or a fun experience to try out with a friend. We even offer private shibari workshops for a group of friends to enjoy together! If you’re interested in setting up a shibari workshop for your group of friends, definitely contact us.

Sensual Self Portraiture

pose coaching from the expert

I've spent the last 12 years teaching people how to look and feel their most sensual in images.

We will start with some crucial mindset work before we begin to our selfie process.

Learn basic posing psychology, equipment, lighting tips, the tricks to nailing your facial expressions, and how to pose to highlight your most sensual assets!



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This badass community of womxn exists to inspire self love, promote sensuality, and celebrate sexuality 🖤 Come as you are. Leave your judgements at the door.

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