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I absolutely LOVED reading all of the nominations for our Summer of Love Couples Boudoir Session Giveaway!!! You nominated your friends or yourself and told me why you would benefit from this experience. Our community chose the Top 5 entries that they felt deserved this experience and we randomly chose a winner from our Top […]


Summer of Love Boudoir Sale!

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Miss H is no stranger to our studio. But, this was her first couples boudoir session in our Norfolk studio!   We first met after her husband gifted her with a boudoir session gift certificate. H+J had been talking about sending photos to each other for SO long. But, she had some reservations about taking […]

Boudoir, Couples Boudoir

H + J: Norfolk Couples Boudoir Photographer

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 While we celebrate self love 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is always more love to go around! To spread the love even more, LeZandra Photography is so excited to announce our Summer of Love Boudoir Giveaway! As we kickstart Pride month and enter into these beautiful summer days, I wanted to […]

Boudoir, Couples Boudoir

Summer of Love Couples Boudoir Giveaway with LeZandra Photography

Wedding season is upon us! Which means your Instagram feed is going to be filled with photos of happy couples celebrating their love for one another. You will also see photos of gorgeous women celebrating themselves and their upcoming weddings with bridal boudoir photography sessions.     I absolutely love bridal boudoir shoots and personalizing […]

Miss J wears her wedding dress while sitting in a plush purple chair at LeZandra Photography during a Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot. The words 'fuck what they think' are displayed on a neon light sign above her.

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You have spent months preparing for your wedding. You have stressed over everything from venues, to flowers, to finding the perfect dress. One thing I love about shooting brides is the amount of excitement that seems to pour out of them. What is not to be excited about? You are about to commit to your […]

Miss C has a very interesting story. She and her now-hubby are both active duty military whose duty has forced them to spend a majority of their relationship apart. Miss C is here in Norfolk, and her mister is in Japan. But even with the distance, they kept their relationship strong. She planned their wedding […]

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Let me warn you: This session is hot. I have been dying to share these for nearly two months! But I wanted to wait until after Miss C gave her groom his album before I did. Miss C was wanting to get her soon to be hubby a gift that he would always remember before […]

I met Jessi just a few short weeks before her wedding. She had planned out this amazing grooms gift to give to her fiance, but her original photographer cancelled. And I am so glad she did 🙂 There are some people that you meet that you just click with. Maybe it’s because she loves Harry […]

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