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April 26, 2012

Things I Love Thursday!

So…I need to blog more 🙂

And I love a bunch of stuff.

And thus “Things I love Thursday” is born!

I am a sucker for the little things in life. I honestly pause and say “This is awesome.” to a lot of things. And I talk to myself. A lot. I think the little things that we all love are very indicative of our personalities, so why not share them?

This week in the Persinger house has been filled with things breaking. We have owned this house for less than a month, and already our dishwasher and dryer have broken. Luckily, they are both easy fixes.

And I got to hang out with my husband at a laundromat late last night which is always fun 🙂

One thing that isn’t broken, however, is our bath tub.

First on my list of Things I Love Thursday (which will hereby be known as TILT because I’m too lazy to type) is my bath tub. I was sick throughout this past weekend. Two sick babies literally coughed right into my mouth. And it was the kind of cough that makes you say “I seriously just got sick.” I’m such a sucker for cute and sick babies though 🙂

I will be honest, I fear what our water bill will be after this week. But these baths are just amazeballs.


This past weekend I second shot a wedding for Amanda Hedgepeth. She is amazing. And hilarious. I had to massage my cheeks after the first time I met her because I was smiling too much. It was great shooting with her, even if we were yelled at by the priest during the ceremony.

I know. I know. I was there.

My favorite thing that day? My Kelly Moore Bag. I seriously never use this anymore because it doesn’t carry everything I use. Although, when second shooting I didn’t have to bring everything so my gear fit nicely in my little bag 🙂

I just placed an order for the Kelly Moore Libby bag. It will be arriving tomorrow because I am impatient and overnight shipping is only appropriate in this case.

When I say I have been wanting a new bag for a while, I mean it. I have been wanting this bag since it came out, but I couldn’t ever justify the need. Now that I have a whole lotta gear to transport, it sort of is needed.

And it’s pretty, so that’s a plus.

Lastly, there is Starbucks.

As I have slowly been gathering supplies for the boudoir marathon, this has been my life saver.

I will be honest, I am not the biggest fan of Starbucks. I actually really don’t like them. I prefer to support local small businesses.

But there is a drive through Starbucks right across the street from us, and they don’t judge me when I roll up in yoga pants and my husbands old pt shirt.

Excuses, excuses. I know. I am going to do it right next week. I promise.

But until then, I will enjoy my Venti Soy Dirty Chai with four shots of Espresso goodness. Try it. It’s amazing.

*And if you’re wondering. It was late one night, and I decided to draw a black metal siren. I love Norwegian Black Metal and I thought it was only appropriate to make a little Starbucks Abbath*

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  1. Kristin says:

    That bath looks so relaxing!! We are waiting for our first home to be finished, and I can’t wait to soak in our huge tub! Wishing it was ready right now Lol

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