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January 15, 2022

Overcoming Perfectionism and Embracing Your Bad Assery

Perfectionism is a personal standard, attitude, or philosophy that demands perfection and rejects anything less. We wouldn’t demand perfection from our friends, families, or colleagues. So why do we demand it of ourselves? Perfectionism is a horrible form of self abuse. And this year, we are overcoming perfectionism!

By overcoming perfectionism, we aren’t lowering our standards. There is a difference between being a high achiever and being a perfectionist. You can still reach for the stars and attain the goals your bad ass self can achieve. It’s more about creating realistic goals, the journey in attaining those goals, setting boundaries within ourselves, and how we handle the inevitable bumps along the way.
Hampton Roads Virginia Boudoir Photography

Becoming more aware of yourself.

When you connect with yourself, you become more aware of your habits and tendencies. What are your expectations of yourself? Are you being realistic in these expectations? How do you speak to yourself? Your inner dialogue speaks volumes!

Hampton Roads Virginia Boudoir Photographer

Focus on the positive.

Perfectionists tend to fixate on the negatives. We have this unrealistic idea of perfection in our heads and all we can see is how imperfect something may be. By focusing on the positive, we can allow ourselves to see the progress that has been made. Cutting out negative influences in our environment can help too. Whether that be tv, social media, or even a ‘friend’. If it isn’t bringing you joy, cut it from your life.
Hampton Roads Virginia Boudoir Photography

Embrace your mistakes.

Throughout this journey, you will have set backs. It is important to acknowledge and even embrace those set backs. By allowing ourselves to make mistakes we are giving ourselves the opportunity to learn, grow, and do better. This can also be a good chance to reevaluate your goals and try a different approach.
Hampton Roads Virginia Boudoir Photographer

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

We are often our own worst critics. Expecting unrealistic things of ourselves is setting us up for failure. Again, we aren’t lowering our standards. We are setting realistic goals and expectations. When you start to lose motivation or those negative thoughts come creeping back into your mind; it’s time to reevaluate your goals.
Hampton Roads Virginia Boudoir Photography

Overcoming Perfectionism and Embracing Your Bad Assery

One of the things that I hear a lot from prospective clients is; “as soon as I reach this goal, I want to book my session.” And I totally get it. I said the exact same thing in the past! It didn’t work out that way though. I ended up having my boudoir photoshoot and I am so fucking happy that I did! Because to be completely honest, if I had waited until I was ‘ready’, I never would have had my shoot. I would have kept putting it off and who knows how many years I would have wasted.
When we let go of these insane expectations of perfection, we can truly begin to enjoy life.

LeZandra McGinnis is a Norfolk, Virginia Photographer specializing in Boudoir Portraiture and Erotica Photography. LeZandra’s life motto is: Fuck What They Think! And she encourages her clients to do exactly that! She can best be described as a Metalhead, Adventurer, and Whiskey Connoisseur.

LeZandra McGinnis
Owner at LeZandra Photography

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