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May 7, 2020

Clear The Clutter: Creating Your Own Sensual Sanctuary

I’m not going to Marie Kondo your ass. But, she was onto something!

Our brains function best when free of visual distractions. The state of the environment around you has a big impact on your mental health and happiness. 

We want to create an environment that sets us up for sensual success! 

By dedicating a space in your home that is solely for the pursuit of pleasure and sensuality, you are setting the intention and creating the opportunity for yourself to be successful. 

If we are going to be stuck at home, our homes better give us pleasure! 

Studies have shown that cluttered environments can lead to:

  1. Low subjective well-being
    • When you have too much clutter you feel that your space is your enemy and not your friend.
  2. Unhealthier eating
    • We are more likely to reach for snacks or sweets that are not healthy for us when in a disorganized environment
  3. Poorer mental health
    • Studies show that a personalized and organized environment brings a lot of personal satisfaction, but disorganized spaces do the opposite.
  4. Less efficient visual processing
    • It is more difficult to process visual cues when in a messy environment
  5. Less efficient thinking
    • More clutter distracts our brain and requires us to process more information, whether consciously or subconsciously


The proof is in the pudding. 


We all differ in our clutter threshold. I personally prefer to live as minimally as possible, but that is not how my fiance works! We have to create a idle ground, and when it comes to the bedroom, what I say goes. 


Because honestly…if mama isn’t happy, nobody is happy 


He also gets the perk of a less stressed and more sensually connected me! 


Day 2 Challenge: Clear The Clutter


Designate one area that you would like to be your Sensual Sanctuary.

Remove all of the items that will not aid you in this pursuit of pleasure


As you move through the room, remember what the intention for that space is. Ask yourself the following questions:

Does this bring me pleasure?

Does this bring me peace?

Does this bring me joy?

Will this distract me from my intentions?


Need some clutter hacks to start you off?!

Check out this link here!

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