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I love personalizing your boudoir photoshoot! Not only is it important for me that we capture your personality during your session. But it makes your experience unique and exclusively yours. Which is why I loved this 420 photoshoot with Miss P! She has an infectious smile and her personality definitely shines through in these photos. […]


Miss P’s 420 Photoshoot Feature with LeZandra Photography

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Last week, I announced our Erotica Boudoir Photography Special. I am so excited to announce that we are also having a Solo and Couples Boudoir Photography Special as well! I have been invited to be a Guest Educator teaching photographers internationally about how we provide such a transformative and empowering boudoir experience! During my workshop, […]

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Norfolk Solo and Couples Boudoir Photography Special

A beautiful black woman wearing a black body suit kneels on a white fur rug in front of a handsome black man during an erotica boudoir photography session. Both are in front of a large four poster bed.

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Erotica Boudoir Photography Special with LeZandra Photography I am so fucking excited to announce that LeZandra Photography is having an Erotica Boudoir Photography Special! We are looking for couples and individuals to model for an Educational Erotica Guide for Photographers that I am creating. Later this year, I will be teaching at an educational workshop […]

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Norfolk Erotica Boudoir Photography Special

Did you know that you can book multiple boudoir sessions? This gorgeous lady has come to me THREE times. THREE. And she kills it every time. It’s an honor that I get to photograph and empower women. Getting to do it multiple times? Incredible. The change I get to witness after a session is truly […]

Hampton Roads Virginia Boudoir

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There are so many facets to who we are as humans. Light and dark, calm and hyper, sweet and spicy, the list goes on and on. For most of us, there’s a struggle in seeing our seductive side. Our society has done a real good job of stifling sexuality and making us feel like there’s […]

Hampton Roads Virginia Boudoir

There’s this bizarre notion that I’ve seen fairly often among my clients and it’s this: “LeZandra takes great photos, but I don’t think it will work for ME.” Boudoir is for everyone. Every type, every body, every style, every personality. A huge part of what I do is getting to know YOU and creating your […]

Downtown Norfolk Boudoir Studio

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When I say that almost every single client is worried that this process intimidates EVERY. SINGLE. CLIENT. I’m not kidding. The hardest part of being a boudoir photographer is seeing how prevalent low self-esteem is – regardless of size. The best part of being a boudoir photographer is being able to squash those insecurities and […]

Newport News Virginia Boudoir

Societal pressures to meet a certain “ideal” are bad enough, but when you add criticism from your partner? It takes on a whole other level of intensity. Miss M spent far too much time hearing she wasn’t good enough and finally made the decision to walk away. As a result of all that mental fuckery, […]

Norfolk Virginia Boudoir Photography Studio

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Every client is so, so special to me. It means so much that people come to our downtown Norfolk boudoir studio and open their hearts to this experience. Miss A visited us a couple months ago and she slayed her session. Read below for some of her thoughts about her experience.   Why did you […]

Hampton Roads Virginia Boudoir Studio Photography

💥 I am SO excited to finally announce the opening of our New #NorfolkBoudoir Studio designed to empower and elevate the women of #HamptonRoads💥⁠ ⁠ Our 4,500sqft historic space has been SUCH a labor of love and renovating this ol’ girl has been an experience like no other! 💀⁠ ⁠ The space will feature our Boudoir Studio, our […]

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When I saw those two lines show up positive, I lost it. Fear and panic set in. It felt as though my entire world was over. In fact, I told my ex husband this repeatedly as I rushed him out the door to buy more tests. The thought of becoming a mother was not one […]

Now that we have designated a sacred space and cleared it of clutter, we can now begin to fill it with the things we love! We want to create a space that gives you pleasure! We are going to start small, but I invite you to build from here.  When choosing pieces for your sensual […]

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I’m not going to Marie Kondo your ass. But, she was onto something! Our brains function best when free of visual distractions. The state of the environment around you has a big impact on your mental health and happiness.  We want to create an environment that sets us up for sensual success!  By dedicating a […]

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