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May 22, 2012

Ahoy, Ladies: Hampton Roads Military Wife Boudoir Photographer

If you are following the Facebook page, you will know that I am going to be announcing something pretty big 🙂

Well, the home boudoir studio is just about ready! And I am ready to welcome you ladies in!

I have an amazing makeup artist named Melissa that has relocated from Hawaii to Virginia and we are scheming up ways to beautify Hampton Roads, one lady at a time 🙂

So…getting to the point!

While my husband was deployed last year I promised him I would have a boudoir session and send him the photos. Well, I came up with every. single. excuse. for why I wasn’t. First it was because of the money, then I didn’t have time, then I was too self conscious.

I was really just a big chicken.

All while my poor husband waited and waited for photos that never came.

I was talking to him about it last month when I (finally!) scheduled my own boudoir session with Leila over at Seriously Sexy Boudoir (I love this woman. You will see her on the blog soon).

I didn’t realize just how important the photos were to him. I was too busy being selfish and obsessing over my gigantic (It really is big) booty that I never ended up sending him photos.

Any. Not even normal ones.

He went through the entire deployment wanting nothing more than to see me, while I kept making up excuses because I was scared. He wanted to see me. He wanted to feel close to me while he was far away from every semblance of normal life. And of course, he wanted to see his wife glammed up and nakey 😉

I really don’t want that to happen to anybody else. Your partners love you for YOU. Perfectly flawed and all. You are what gets them through these deployments. The eagerly await every email, every message, every care package so that they can have some taste of home while they are thousands of miles away.

And you DESERVE to feel sexy. And gorgeous. And like the beautiful woman that YOU ARE. 

So, no excuses! Don’t stress about the money. Don’t say you don’t have the time. Don’t worry about not having a supermodel body.

Be the brave, strong, and sexy woman that they fell in love with.

Deployments suck. They really do. There is no way around it.

But you can give your partner something to get them through those rough times.

And to my husband, I promise to never withhold the sexy pictures again 😉

So for the month of June, I will be offering all of the ladies with deployed partners 50% off of their session fee. If this goes well, I may just do it again 😉

And I am super psyched to announce the details for June’s contest! But you will have to wait until tomorrow for that!


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  1. Tayna says:

    My husband is deployed. In a navy wife of four wonderful kids . I homeschool my three girls. I dont have much of a support group but I am strong and positive , with my kids i stay busy. How can I sign ip to when a free session. Thank you very much

    • admin says:

      Tanya, I completely understand the troubles you are facing with deployment! I will be putting out information on how to win a free session later on today.

      Stay strong gorgeous!

  2. pamela moffitt says:

    Perfect I have been wanting to do one forever but have always talked myself out of it…I’m in!!! What a nice fathers day present also….. Just got.to.spray.tan 1st lol….

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