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Vegas, Baby!

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I'm a Boudoir Photographer located in Norfolk, VA on a mission to empower people to own their sexuality, step into their power, and embrace their authentic selves!
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Hi, I'm LeZandra

I went to Vegas for a work trip and had my world ROCKED.

I always set an intention for my trips before I leave town.
WPPI in Vegas was my “reset” trip.
It was an opportunity to connect, to re-center, to grow, expand and sink even more deeply into my art and work.
I spent the week in Vegas staying at what can best be described as Barbies Swinger Mansion with six other photographers, a rigger, and a handful of models.
I left for Vegas feeling RAW as I work through some big personal blocks. I just needed a break from it all.
I only knew a couple of these people through social media, but very loosely.
By the end of the week, they were family.
I’ve been in a space where I have been struggling to balance it all on my own.
I allowed myself to surrender into the love and support of these strangers and in return, I was blessed with the best group of misfits ever.
Within thirty minutes of arriving at the house, I was shooting two Penthouse models.
By the end of that first night, we were all joining hands for some joining hands for some group electrocutions while playing in the dungeon 🥰

It was so great to just play and create with my PEOPLE. To be myself and have that loved and adored. To feel celebrated and seen. To be able to exist just as I am and that be met with open arms and no judgement.
Beyond that, to know that I my presence within the boudoir community as an educator is valued and appreciated was the confirmation I needed as I step into this next phase of life.
I spent my last day being photographed by somebody whose work has been a big personal inspiration for me these last few years.
I ended the night with a group of our industry’s leaders discussing the future of boudoir and how we can help shape the community for new photographers coming in.
I don’t have the words for just how much this experience changed my life.
I’ve been a boudoir photographer for 13 years, but I’ve always kept on the outskirts of the community because I just didn’t quite fit in.
I was told that my voice has always ruffled feathers because I was saying the things the industry wasn’t ready to hear yet. We are just now getting there.
I was encouraged to speak up more and not withdraw like I normally do.
I finally found my people within it. To finally have this sense of community after feeling like you’re on the outside for SO long is something I can’t begin to describe.
My heart needed this 🖤
I want to share with you the top five things I took home with me after this incredible weekend, along with images taken at Alex Charilou’s Workshop. 
1.) I learned to not be afraid of new experiences with strangers. 
Erotic work isn’t widely accepted, and yet I found myself in this gorgeous mansion full of misfits, knowing that not everyone will understand my art or life and that was ok. There was room for all of us to take a seat at the table as we were.
2.) It’s ok some people won’t understand my life.
The ones who are meant to be with us will see and celebrate us exactly as we are now. We have the power to create OUR normal as it best aligns to our desires.
3.) I let myself receive. 
I developed a greater understanding of the importance of pouring into myself, giving from overflow, and allowing others to pour into me. Sexual energy is my creative energy. The give and take of this exchange was deeply healing for me.

4.) I noticed my self-judgment and how that manifests outwardly.
Despite not liking having my photo taken, I asked my idol to shoot me and ended up having so much fun there wasn’t space or time for insecurities to pop up. I was just in the moment with him.
5.) I got into my head about being my loud af self.
I’m not here to settle. In acknowledging that and in deciding to be who I am and seeing that my speaking up about what I need is desired, I opened up to receiving even more pleasure.
I was reacquainted with self-expression, desire to be an educator, and the uniqueness and value of my voice during my time in Vegas. 
So I want to take a moment to encourage you now to go BE YOURSELF!
That quirky thing you hide from us because you think it’s too weird? Tell us about it.
The parts of you that you cover up and hide? What would happen if you let them out just 1% today?
Those words you’re too afraid to express? Could you write them in your journal, just to see them out of your mind and onto the page?
I want you to OWN IT.
See your gorgeous expression as valuable.
I’m here to help.

May 6, 2023

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Vegas, Baby!

I went to Vegas for a work trip and had my world ROCKED. I always set an intention for my trips before I leave town. WPPI in Vegas was my “reset” trip. It was an opportunity to connect, to re-center, to grow, expand and sink even more deeply into my art and work. I spent […]

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