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Why Choose Us? Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer

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I'm a Boudoir Photographer located in Norfolk, VA on a mission to empower people to own their sexuality, step into their power, and embrace their authentic selves!
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Hi, I'm LeZandra

The Experience

When you enter our studio you are entering a into sanctuary free from judgment and full of love and empowerment. You say goodbye to the outside world for a few hours and slip into a space where you can feel beautiful, express your sexuality, and be vulnerable. You spend time unwinding and getting pampered with our all female team of hair and makeup artists. After a ton of laughs, we will then begin shooting at a pace that is comfortable and determined by you.


I ONLY photograph boudoir and have been in business for over five years. Throughout the years I have photographed hundreds of women of all shapes and sizes, of all ages, of all backgrounds. We have worked with new brides to great-grandmothers. I have photographed women from size 0 to size 26.

Because boudoir is all that I shoot, my focus and devotion to my craft through education and constant practice has provided me with the tools to assure that you are in great hands!

On top of that, I absolutely love what I do. I am filled with a consuming passion for boudoir and it is quite seriously the best job in the world. I love what I do and I cannot wait to share it with you!


I am the ONLY photography studio in Virginia Beach that shoots boudoir exclusively. Our studio has been decorated with unique pieces and gorgeous elements to provide the most beautiful bedroom sets. Our studio is one of a kind and we never share or rent it out to ensure that your images stay unique.


Every client on our site is a woman, just like you and me. She is a daughter, a sister. She is a mother or a best friend. Many of my clients hold very sensitive jobs and would prefer that their images be kept private. No images are ever shared without express written permission. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me and you can rest easy knowing they will never be shared without your permission.

Limited Appointments

I only take on a maximum of 8 sessions so that I can dedicate all of my energy into providing you with a fun and unique experience! Sessions are never rushed and I never take on more than one session a day.

All Female Staff

The stylists that we work with are women only and highly skilled in their craft. You can rest easy knowing that we will be joined by two ladies who will become two new girlfriends by the time you finish hair and makeup!


I will guide you into each and every pose that you do. I will most likely even model it for you 😉 I will pose you to flatter your favorite assets while helping to draw attention away from your least favorite bits. I am a plus size gal and I personally know the importance of an unflattering pose (I have rushed to the computer many times to tag an unflattering photo!) and I will never put you in a pose that does not do your beauty justice.


Every image that you see will be fully edited and retouched. We all have stretch marks, acne, or cellulite. My retouching philosophy is to remove what people do not see when they think of you. Nobody cares about your stretch marks or that one pimple that seems to pop up the night before your session. These little things do not define you so why should they be in your images?

I have been in your shoes!

And boy was I nervous! I know how it feels to go store to store in search for the perfect pair of panties. I know how it feels to try and keep it all a secret with little shopping trips here or there. I know what it’s like to go in full of nerves and hoping that I am not going to get judged for my big booty or inability to stand in heels (I will fall in like, 10 seconds. No joke). I know how it feels to bend and move in the most awkward ways ever. I know just how strong the butterflies were beating when I went to see my final images. And I know the incredibly empowered, conquer-the-world feeling that I felt when I did something I never thought I would be brave enough to do!

And I loved it so much I did it again 😉

One of a kind products

I wouldn’t sell something that I didn’t love. I have carefully chosen each and every product that we offer and I love all of them so much (Don’t get me started on the Luxe Album!). Your images will come gorgeously wrapped and ready for display on the most luxurious of products.

Professional Accomplishments

I have had my work published both in print and online. I am happy to say that I was awarded the distinction of Elite Professional by the Association of International Boudoir Photographers. My work has been featured in Philosophie Magazine (a boudoir publication for industry professionals), The Virginian Pilot, and Professional Photographer Magazine . My work has also been featured on various photographer blogs and I have been a featured photographer on the Graceful Boudoir blog.

I have mentored several local photographers and I offer classes on boudoir. I am considered a boudoir expert among my peers, which is pretty awesome!

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March 10, 2015

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  1. Cheryl Hicks says:

    I live in TN but would love to make a weekend trip with a few girlfriend’s for pictures. Could you send me pricing information? Thanks! Also do you do couples?

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Why Choose Us? Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer

The Experience When you enter our studio you are entering a into sanctuary free from judgment and full of love and empowerment. You say goodbye to the outside world for a few hours and slip into a space where you can feel beautiful, express your sexuality, and be vulnerable. You spend time unwinding and getting […]

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