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December 18, 2019

We Are Moving!!!

This huge news is not what I had planned for today.

 Not by a long shot. 

The plan was to buy a home with land and build a studio on the property. However, finding a place that checked all of the boxes proved more difficult than expected.

I’m not the kind of girl to settle.

While I know nothing is ever going to be 100% perfect, I didn’t want to find a place just to find a place. I had a vision. I had a number I was working with. I had a plan with how the process was going to go.

For the last year, I have spent most nights pouring through home listings, looking for the perfect place to lay down roots for our forever home. 

Enter, the studio.


I happened upon the studio by chance. Which is funny, because I happened upon my current space by chance as well! It’s as though the universe is telling me to chill and just trust that I’ll find the perfect place at the perfect time. So no…things didn’t go as planned. They went in a direction far better than I could have imagined! Rather than finding the perfect home, we found the perfect studio!!!


About the new Downtown Norfolk Boudoir Studio



Norfolk Boudoir Studio


I had a client fly in from Texas to mentor under me a couple of months ago. As we were driving through Norfolk, I told her about the area and the growth that I have seen in the few years I’ve had my business in downtown Norfolk.


I have lived in Virginia since 2011 and I could count on my hand how many times I had set foot in downtown before I moved my studio there. I just didn’t come to the area. It was so foreign to me and I just didn’t honestly give it a chance.


Now I couldn’t imagine my business being anywhere else.


The idea of leaving the community that I love so much was one that I struggled with. While a home studio would be convenient, I would miss the fact that I could walk down Granby St. and say hello to familiar faces.


There’s a charm to Norfolk that just feels like a bit of home to me. As a military brat that grew up everywhere and calls nowhere home, that’s pretty huge.


We aren’t leaving Norfolk!


Instead, I hope to be a part of revitalizing an area that is growing so much!


LeZandra Photography’s new home will be nestled in the RailRoad District of Norfolk.


Our new studio will still be located in Granby St! But we will now be on the other side of the railroad tracks.


I’ve watched as buildings have been purchased and renovated. Friends of ours have opened businesses in the area. The growth is inevitable and I am SO excited to be joining a community where we truly can impact change in the area.


The new studio will be 4.5x’s the amount of space we are currently in.


We will be moving from just under 1,000 sqft to just over 4,500 sqft.


Can you imagine my excitement?!


I am just dreaming of all the different set possibilities!!!


Which is where I need you!


We will be doing a build out on the space and changing a lot in the building to better serve you babes!


I want ALL of your input!!!


I invite you all along for the ride as we begin construction and creation of our new sets! 


I will be posting studio updates regularly in our VIP Facebook Group and we will be asking you all what type of sets you would like to see!


I’m seeking input down to the tiniest details! From furniture to paint, YOUR voice will be what drives this new space!


I truly believe that community is such a powerful force, and I am excited to have our Boudie Babes engaged with the local community in Norfolk. 


We will be hosting events to serve you ladies and to aid in our ultimate mission of creating empowered and fearless women.


We will be continuing our monthly “Let’s Talk About Sex” series. In addition, we will be hosting workshops and introducing guest speakers to come and share on a variety of topics.


There is SO much that we have planned for the new space and I cannot wait to take you all along for the ride!!!


We will be celebrating our Grand Opening in April 2020!

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