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March 7, 2014

Published: The Art of Giving – Why I Shoot Boudoir

I am so excited to announce that I was recently published in an international publication for boudoir photographers. Philosophie Magazine is the top industry magazine for boudoir professionals and I was so happy to be a part of it! My article was called the “power piece” of the magazine. Yeah, you can imagine how thrilled I was 😉

I wanted to share my story with you all!

Philosophie Boudoir Magazine LeZandra Photography

As a boudoir photographer, I feel that we have a greater responsibility to our clients. Images hold so much power; they can either give birth to a new found confidence or destroy ones self-esteem. As artists it is our responsibility to show our clients just how amazing they truly are. I invest a lot of myself into each and every session I have, because my clients deserve that.

For the brief time we are together they are allowing me to witness them being vulnerable and nervous. It is my job to lift them up and inspire the confidence that rests deep inside of them. They come to me to feel sexy and gorgeous for the day. And to be able to give that to them is the greatest feeling in the world.

I recently had a session with a client who reaffirmed my reasoning for shooting boudoir. When Miss C walked in the door she was full of energy and radiated happiness. She is strong and outgoing, and she had us laughing throughout her time in hair and makeup. When we asked us why she was doing our session we realized that she was so much more than your average twenty-something year old. Miss C was determined to have a session that showed off just how sexy she is. She was referred to me by another boudoir photographer for this exact reason; she wanted to be seen not as a sweet and beautiful woman, but as a sexy young vixen.

She wanted her surprise her husband. She wanted to shock him. She wanted him to know just how much of a bombshell she is.

Miss C’s husband is in his early twenties and is battling stage 3 brain cancer.

As a young married couple they have faced more than most people will ever encounter in life. She has stood by his side as he underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and treatment. She has been his nurse and his caretaker. She has clothed him and bathed him when he could not. She has been his strong rock on which he could grasp when so much in life seemed uncertain.

Miss C had her session because she wanted her husband to see her as the hot young thing that she is. As a young married couple, it is her way of reminding him that they need to enjoy life one day at a time. He is able to look upon his wife for the seductress that she is and enjoy her for who she is in this moment.

Being able to give them this experience provides me with so much happiness. I plan on becoming a sex therapist and being able help couples come together and celebrate their intimacy is my goal in life. Being able to do this through photography is incredibly fulfilling. My goal is also to help women reclaim their body and their confidence. Being able to photograph them in such an intimate manner is incredibly empowering.

I was once asked why I shoot boudoir.

I shoot boudoir for the woman who struggled with her body for years and is on the path towards self acceptance. I shoot boudoir for the woman who was a victim of sexual assault and feels as though her body has been damaged. I shoot boudoir for the woman who created a life within her and is struggling to come to terms with her new body. I shoot boudoir for the woman who wants to immortalize her beauty so that she can look back upon them 50 years from now. I shoot boudoir for the woman who wants her partner to see her for the strong and confident woman she is.

I shoot boudoir for myself.

Because through these women I have learned to love my own body. I have seen imperfections and celebrated their beauty. I have seen that woman break down and cry, only to leave with a bounce in her step and a smile stretched across her face. We are all beautiful, perfectly flawed and all. I shoot boudoir for us.

When you pick up your camera, I do hope that you remember the gift that you are giving these women. Above all else, I hope that you remember the power that you hold. Remember that you have a gift. And for this brief moment in time, she has chosen you to open up to.

Show her how beautiful she is.


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  1. Such an awesome accomplishment! Congrats on being published!

  2. What an amazing story, LeZandra! I can see why you’re so passionate about what you do–it’s awesome to know that what you do instills confidence in someone else. And congratulations on the publication! 🙂

  3. Michele Marie Peterson says:

    Lezandra’s photography is beautiful! True beauty is within each of us and you just need to open your heart to see it. Amazing work Lezandra!!

  4. Trip Waterfield says:

    Those last 3 big paragraphs are so beautiful, it makes me cry. I don’t think a lot of photographers realize the effect they have on women who have body conscious problems.

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