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March 10, 2014

Ophelia: Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer

As a creative person there are times where you fall into a rut.

I have been needing some inspiration lately and when I put out there that I wanted to do a shoot for somebody in lingerie that I had chosen I was beyond ecstatic when Ophelia expressed interest.

Ophelia Derriere is an incredibly talented burlesque performer whom I first met in 2011 when she was hosting what would be my first of many burlesque shows.

I am a huge lover of burlesque (I even took a class myself) and I love the body confidence and sensuality that it promotes.

Ophelia is not only stunning but she is brilliant as well, as she is going to be finishing up schooling to become a doctor next year.

Gorgeous, talented, and smart?

Yeah, whoever lands this gal better do anything they can to keep her.

We had an amazing day shooting a variety of outfits!

The one below was the grand finale!

Ophelia made the pasties, my amazing friend and past client Miss Y made the body chain, and we paired it with some simple lace gloves and high waist panties.

The result: Gorgeous.

Ophelia: Virginia Beach Boudoir PhotographerStay tuned for more images of Ophelia soon!


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  1. Mike Cassidy says:

    Nice work everyone! I love the pearl pasties in her photos. Does she take orders? 🙂

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