February 28, 2019

Miss J: Hampton Roads Virginia Boudoir Photographer

One thing that I have always loved about boudoir photography is that it has allowed me the privilege of meeting such an incredible group of strong, badass women. I have met so many incredible people from across the globe who bring with them their stories. It seems that these women are in a period of transition. I always think it’s as though their session is their way of marking the end of an era and the start of a new one where they are stepping into their new self.


Miss J has been in a transitional period of her life. She recently moved across the country and has been searching to find bits of the things she loves here on an entirely new coast. I could completely empathize, because I know what it’s like to pack up everything you have ever known and fly across the country to support the needs of the military. Because she doesn’t know a stranger, she has found the things that bring her joy in this new life!


Miss J is fiercely independent and so capable and successful. She’s a badass that can manage anything that life throws at her, and she has experienced things most women will never have to. Yet she remains rooted, with a heart of gold and ambition in her eyes.


She is such an incredible mama. When she and I met for coffee I watched as she managed parenthood (she was on her way back from the gym, baby in tow!) while working and managing a household with all of the crazy wrenches the Navy likes to throw in a families schedule.


There are some people that blow you away by how unstoppable they are. She is one of them.


I am SO happy that I had the privilege of photographing her and I am so excited to see where life takes her!

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