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April 24, 2020

5 Day Mindset Mastery Challenge: Day 2

We could all use a little Mindset Mastery to help us navigate through the bullshit.

Yesterday I shared with you Day 1 of our Mindset Mastery Challenge and I am back again for Day 2! I loved seeing the babes save Day 1’s advice to put it into practice!

I love babes who choose to take charge of their lives and own their happiness! Which is why I am bringing these tips to you for free!

Day 2: Get Moving


You can’t cry and dance at the same time.

Try it.

I dare you.

For real, I hope you remember to begin dancing the next time you begin to cry.

The James-Lange theory of emotion (putting that Psychology degree to use 🤣) states that our physiological responses create our emotional reaction. Our bodies can trick our brains into feeling various emotions by changing our physical state.


Change your state to change your mind.


Mental wellness has been an active pursuit and it has been through this journey that I have discovered the powerful impact that movement can have on my mood. By changing my physical space I can pull myself out of whatever rut I am in and shift my focus.


Here are some tips to help you incorporate movement into your daily routine:


Breathe with me

Place one hand on your belly, with the other on your chest. Allow yourself to breathe fully in through your nose at a relaxed pace. If you are able to, do so while laying down. Forcing yourself to lay and pay attention to your breath is a great way to take some time for yourself and ease some stress.

Let’s Get Physical

Downdog and Obe Fitness are online workout platforms that allow you to get your sweat in from home. Both are offering free classes during COVID-19!

Classes aren’t your jam? Get outside! Take a stroll around your neighborhood. Pay attention to the feeling of the sun on your skin. Listen to the world around you.

Dance like nobody’s watching!

Crank up the volume and just move! Pretend that you are in a nightclub dancing the night away and pull out all the wild moves that you probably couldn’t do in a crowded spot.

Create a virtual dance party with your friends! Invite others to join you in your fun! Have your friends create a list of their favorite songs and make a playlist to jam out to together!


Day 2 Challenge: Get Moving Homework

Spend 30 minutes out of your day doing something purely physical.

Stay accountable in our VIP Group and let us know how you got moving today!


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