Things You Should Know About Me: Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer

May 29, 2014

Things You Should Know About Me: Virginia Beach Boudoir Photographer

A couple of months ago a fellow boudie photographer (and all around kick ass woman that I adore, you’re awesome Stacey!) did a blog post on things you should know about her if you are going to be her best friend.

I loved it!

As photographers it is super easy for us to hide behind our lenses. And I tend to do that.

So, here’s my list of a few things you should know about me if we are going to be besties:

I am VERY introverted. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time out with friends (Duh, my friends kick ass!). But if you ask me to go out and mingle at a party, I’ll find the one person hanging off to the side and chat them up away from all the noise. I LOVE to meet new people, but I prefer to do it in a low key setting, like a coffee house or a book store. I like to take things in and I only speak if I have something to say. I LOVE to listen and hear about other people.

I have a mouth that will make a sailor blush. And I drop F-bombs like no other. Sorry, mom!

I’m a bookworm. I actually graduated with my BA in Psychology (everybody thinks I went to school for photography) when I was 20. With honors. I was also an honor grad in high school. I plan on going to graduate school very soon to pursue Sex Therapy. I took the last few years off to focus on my business. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

I am stubborn. And I have a serious problem with being told what to do, even if it is as simple as “Put your cup in the sink.” which my husband says all.the.time. I have a cup problem. Which brings me to my next point: Tea.

I probably have three or four mugs around the house at any given time. Because I am pretty much obsessed with tea. I am not even very picky about what kind. It was an espresso obsession until I became pregnant and I had to say goodbye to our four espresso machines. It was a problem.

I believe in always doing the right thing. I believe in second chances. I believe that you should not EVER judge a person until you get to know them. Everybody has a story and everybody has their own battles they are fighting. Who am I to judge?

I suck at cooking. I once gave my husband and myself food poisoning from cooking spaghetti. Don’t ever eat my food.

I was never very feminine when growing up. I wore band tees and combat boots. I was the “goth kid” in my 9th grade high school yearbook. I LOVE Norwegian black metal and the irony that I am a photographer in what is seriously the most feminine genre is not lost on me.

I am EXTREMELY open minded. Remember how I said I don’t judge? I really don’t. We all have our secrets. And I have heard my fair of other peoples secrets. It makes me love them even more. I have a soft spot for those who do not quite fit the mold.

I’m a bit of a hippy. I am very much into sustainable living and protecting our Earth.

I’m a perfectionist. I hold myself to extremely high standards and I am always seeking to improve in every facet of life. Stagnation is quite honestly one of the biggest fears I have.

I never planned on being a photographer. It was never in my 1,5, or even 10 year plan. I never considered it as an actual career. To me it was just some hobby I picked up while in college.

But holy shit it has changed my life.

I have been able to meet some of the smartest, most passionate, determined, and creative people. It has forced me to slow down and realize what is truly important. It has given me the ability to appreciate the small things. It has forced me to become more assertive and independent, as being a business owner often requires such. I have been able to work with some of the most confident, sexy, and bad ass women I will ever meet. Through my lens I have been able to restore confidence when it has been lost. I have been a therapist, a shoulder to cry on, and a confidant.

Boudoir photography runs in my veins.

It has become my mission to empower women and pt them in touch with their sensual side.

And I fucking love it.


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  1. Stacey Ingram says:

    Aww, I LOVE this…and thank you for your shout-out! I also share a lot of these things and that is why we are friends. 🙂 You rock, chickadee!

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