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April 7, 2020

Staying Sane During A Global Pandemic: Norfolk Boudoir Photographer

First off: Recognize the fact that we are ALL experiencing a global shift that nobody could have predicted. 

There is no normal for anybody right now. Whether we have had our hours cut or a business forced to close, to being considered essential and having to go out every day while the world shelters, things are different.

As a small business owner, we made the decision to postpone our 10th Anniversary/ Studio Goodbye party well before the true chaos hit. I’m glad I did. As we look to open our new Granby Boudoir Studio, we find ourselves having to push back our opening date and reschedule sessions, not truly knowing when all of the craziness is going to behind us.

It is easy to let panic in. It is easy to feel defeated.

It’s very easy to want to stick with a routine that we previously held, but we have to acknowledge that everything has changed and clinging to old patterns and routines cannot serve us right now.


I had to personally take some time away to reconnect with myself and get myself in a better mindset, because I know I cannot be of use to anybody else when I am not centered.



Here are a few things to do to stay sane during this pandemic:

Allow yourself to grieve. Allow yourself to FEEL.

We are all grieving, whether it be saying goodbye to the loss of normality or seeing goodbye to loved ones. It is entirely okay to be upset about this. It is okay to grieve the loss of life as we knew it.

Set Goals

Every day, write down a list of things you’d like to accomplish the next day. Even better, plan out weekly and monthly goals and begin setting intentions!

Practice Gratitude

Write down three things you are thankful for during this time. It is easy to focus on the negative, but shifting our energy to a more positive space will allow us to navigate these times.

Phone a friend

Reach out to those that you lean on for emotional support or encouragement.

Get moving!

Whether it be yoga in the mornings or a walk around the neighborhood, moving shifts your mental space.

Create a schedule

Our previous routines don’t work for our current reality. Adjust your daily routine and start laying the foundation for new habits!

Get off of social media

We all need a break from what can become an endless scroll of negativity or stress.


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