Working with a sex coach can seem intimidating, but I've worked hard to create a sex and body positive space meant for freeing yourself from bounds that sometimes you don't even know exist. 

Being able to open up in a no-judgement zone allows you to explore and enjoy this often taboo side of your life. Instead of ignoring your desires and needs, let's figure out how you can indulge and enjoy those things in a safe and meangingful way.

Day to day life wears us down - individually and within our relationships. Between societal expectations and personal mentalities, it's easy to get caught up in minute details and get stuck in our heads. 

The whole point of sex coaching is to help figure out what you want and how to get it - whatever that looks like. I'm passionate about finding what works for YOU and helping you achieve the goals you want to achieve.

sex and intimacy coaching with lezandra

Want to include your partner(s) in your journey? Let's talk about the new retreats I'll be facilitating. Combining the power of customized sex coaching and the freeing experience that is a couple's boudoir session, these retreats will be a catalyst for intimacy within your relationship.

Spend a weekend with me, away from the world - complete with one-on-one coaching, couple's coaching and a couple's boudoir experience (including lodging and meals), in an environment that caters to your needs. With add-on services like a couple's massage, spa services and more, I take care of all the arrangements to help you explore yourself and your partner(s) in a secluded, vacation-type setting.

Working with Couples To Empower Relationships

couple's retreats

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