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August 30, 2019

Miss L: Hampton Roads Virginia Boudoir Photographer

“My confidence as a woman has increased tenfold. I am more outspoken about my sexuality and am not afraid to just be me. It lit a fire under me that isn’t going anywhere for a very long time. I feel empowered to face anything that is ahead of me. I look back at my photos and still cry because of how incredible of an experience it was.”

Miss L

I hope you all never tire of me raving about how badass my clients are, because I never cease to be amazed by the women who walk through our doors.

Miss L had started following me a few years before she decided to have her session. For her, this was all about celebrating her journey towards self love. She didn’t have her session to give as a gift to a partner. She had it to celebrate her recovery and to embrace the woman she has become.

I never know what story lies behind what led them to me until they come in for their session.

L had battled an eating disorder for several years. I think choosing to have a boudoir session, where you are bare and vulnerable, after recovering from an ED is a massive feat. Our relationship with our selves sets the tone for every relationship we have in life. She chose to fully embrace the woman she is now. Rather than picking herself apart, she celebrates her healthy and happy self!

As soon as Miss L walked in it was as though she brought some sunshine in with her. Some women have an aura about them, brightening up any room they are in. Miss L is one of these women.

We became fast friends and it was long until we were talking about our pains and our greatest accomplishments. Each time we got together we pulled up a chair and just talked. You know those people who just fuel your soul? Yeah. That’s her.


Miss L inspires me so much!


She is a school psychologist and spends her days working with children to become better people. However, she has made the huge (and brave!) decision to leave that career and begin a new one.


She is currently in PA school, while balancing a full time job that often leaves one feeling exhausted and emotionally tapped out. But that doesn’t stop her.

Beyond that, after her session she chased happiness and moved across the country to pursue a great opportunity.


When I say she is a badass, I am not kidding.


She has chosen happiness first and foremost. She reminds me that we only have one life, and it’s best lived doing that which brings you joy.


I cannot thank Miss L enough for allowing me to share her images and to share a bit about her experience!


My boudoir session was a gift to myself after breaking free from an extremely toxic and emotionally abusive relationship, as well as a celebration of my recovery from an eating disorder. I booked a session to celebrate all that I am as a woman, and to highlight my sexuality, as it is a huge part of who I am.


I was definitely a mixture of nervous and excitement and lots of questions about the process, as I had never done a boudoir shoot and wasn’t sure I’d know what to do.

I’m honestly at a loss for words. My experience was beyond anything that I could have hoped for. LeZandra is a force to be reckoned with. Her energy, positivity, and just overall presence was something I will never forget. During the entirety of the shoot, not once did I feel uncomfortable or uneasy, as she demonstrated poses, complimented how well I was doing, offered a drink to ease the nerves, and even put on my favorite music so I could loosen up. From the moment I walked into that studio, I felt like I had known her my entire life. She is a true gift!

DO IT! A boudoir shoot is not about showcasing your outward appearance, rather showcasing all that you are. You are more than a number on a scale, a size on a tag, and more than those limiting beliefs circling in your head. Break out of the box that society has tried to put you in. Love yourself in all that you and in every stage. Our bodies are masterpieces and deserve to be celebrated as such!

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